Army Attack Cheat Engine

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Army Attack is a highly recommended game for Facebook. Mixing graphics with good features addictive gameplay, you can get a good time in control of his troops and conquering enemy territories.

The soundtrack is excellent campaign and encourages all further fighting. Since the graphics are animated and quite simple, as it requires a game for Facebook, giving a very cartoony style to the game.

Although still in Beta, no visible bugs or major malfunctions. The style and gameplay vaguely resemble Age of Empires, Advanced Wars and other games similar to saved due proportions, of course, but equally fun.

The missions can become repetitive, but evolution and the secondary objectives are worth the time spent with the game.

This is your responsibility in Army Attack, a game of strategy and war to Facebook. You are in control of a general, represented by the color blue, who must fight against the invasion of the enemy empire, red color, which has dominated some areas of its domain and will only advance if defeated in the war zone.