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Backyard Monsters is a game where monsters have to defend your territory – which in this case is nothing but a huge backyard. In this gloomy scenario, you must use their knowledge and skills as a strategist to mount an effective defense system to their fields and know the exact time an opponent to attack and loot all its resources. Thus, maintaining a balance between protection and attack tactics, you can expand your territory, causing him to take care of the planet’s largest social network, Facebook.

In Backyard Monsters, their “backyard” functions as a city. He needs to extract local features of the environment, control stations, space for the rest of the fighters and laboratories for the creation of monsters. For the construction of all this, you must access the “Buildings”. In it, you can find types of buildings for the defense of territory, the decor of the environment, the acquisition of materials for people’s livelihoods, among other objectives in order to expand their domains.

The low consumption of resources browser and internet connection is another attraction of this game, because it does not affect navigation or running other programs simultaneously. In contrast, the lack of a soundtrack and sound effects are of low quality its drawbacks. Despite these details, Backyard Monsters can be a form of entertainment while using Facebook.