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Baseball Heroes is an online game to Facebook (requires Flash) which allows the player participation in matches “official.” There, you can play as a batsman, requiring skilled enough to hit the ball at the right time to send her away. With a system of levels, each member of your team can get better, but it is interesting to call your friends, because the items furnished by them to make good choices.

Each season that his team has involved approximately 30 games, which are made ​​against other players of similar levels to your character. By gaining enough experience, you can get a skill point, which you distribute in one of three existing attributes – each improves the chances of running a different type of hit.

You do not win alone
As baseball is a team game, you can not win matches alone. Before each one, you need to look at the arrow next to each player, because it indicates your current physical condition – the higher, the better the chances of a good performance. While the plays happen, you just watch the result of actions of each player can bat only when your character into the field.

There are several rules in the original game, but in Baseball Heroes they were relatively simplified. When you are batting, a region with nine squares appears: it indicates where the ball must be thrown. When launched, you need to choose the right region, where the shadow was displayed when the ball left the hand of the opponent.