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Description:(About Game)
DDTank is a casual relatively little game where you and your friends control characters with access to a huge arsenal of firearms and exotic objects for launching distance.

His overall gameplay is very similar to Gunbound and promises to please fans of this genre.

Do not think about being nice, because here the business is exploding all opponents as you can, using whatever weapon is available!

Start the fight – basic interface
To play, create an account with the developers of the game. So choose the sex of your character, enter a name and click on “Join Game” to be initiated the tutorial. In it, simply click the arrows indicate where and follow the written instructions on the screen.

DDTank is an excellent shooter, Gunbound style. Its graphics are nice and of reasonable quality, allowing even users with limited graphic processing power in their machines are able to run it without any problems (if any, it is still possible to eliminate effects and decrease the quality).

The gameplay is exquisite: the game does not crash or slow to load, the controls respond promptly and smoothly, the use of special items is well planned and system levels and missions works very well. Moreover, a large part of who is Brazilian and plays, therefore, it makes communication between the teams more effective.

The fun is guaranteed in DDTank, mainly because their battles does not take long, making it a casual game – after all, whenever you want you can come to play and spend only five minutes. Nevertheless, the quality of sound and music is weak: they are not bad, however. For example, it is as if they are in mono instead of stereo.