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Dragons of Atlantis is a very dynamic game, which somewhat resembles the strategy games such as Age of Empires. Another point that makes the game interesting is the possibility to combine with other players and join forces to tackle opponents.

Like all other games for Facebook, Dragons of Atlantis also bumps into the purchasing limit player. To achieve and powerful magic items, the user will have to shell out some money through your credit card internationally.

The graphics and possibilities opened by the game are satisfactory, as is the soundtrack, which despite repetitive, ultimately create a better climate for the adventures. Unfortunately, the game is available in English only.

The war is coming to the kingdom of Atlantis. Four tribes were created 70,000 years ago, and now they must fight for survival. Who will win the future of all mankind in his hands. And for that, the player will need the help of the powerful dragons that inhabit Atlantis.
The first decision that the player must take to enter the world of Atlantis is which tribe he would like to belong. In total, four people with very different characteristics:
Zolmec: proud and powerful, the members of this tribe took their forces of nature. Very disciplined, the Zolmec also have great affinity with dragons;
Primus: considered as the first human tribes, the Primus is peaceful and quite rational. It is believed that they have most direct ancestry of the elders who created Atlantis;
Amazon: courage, honor and compassion are some of the values ​​that define the tribe of the Amazons, women warriors who have benefited from a lot of strength and endurance by the elders, and
Solerian: smart and good craft skills, the Solerian are great builders. Coupled with the gift of fighting, these people often build large war machines.