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farm town cheat engine hack tool


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Description:(About Game)
The Farm Town is a game that brings the simulator from a farm to Facebook.

Unlike other applications that have the same theme, this enables you frequent the bars in the area, go to the market and interact with the staff of the site, and allow you to work selling crops at the fair.

At the beginning of Farm Town, before starting to plantations and crops on your farm, you can choose whether your character will be female or male, and define how it will be his appearance.

The graphics poorly designed and extremely naive of Farm Town is one of the first negatives we see in the game. In addition to the scenarios are very similar to each other, they still have few objects and poorly designed. The trace of them is not pleasant, making it appear that no one care about the appearance when the game was developed.

Operation of Farm Town is fast and stable, but only to a point. If you get ten minutes or more without interacting with the application, it just disconnects from the server. That is, if you want to leave a plantation grow while watching the game, forget it! That will not be possible.

Although the application allows you to customize the characters at any time, they are always with the same facial expression, even animals. Furthermore, all living beings of the game move aside as if they were just swept sideways. This causes the Farm Town lose some life and become extremely artificial.

The game progress can be saved by the user, without waiting for the application to do this automatically, which gives more autonomy and security for the player. The Town Farm shop offers many items for sale and most of them can be purchased with the currency of the game itself, ie, only a minority asks for you to spend real money.