Farmville Cheat Engine

Farmville Cheat Engine & Hack Tool


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Auto Plant
Auto Harvest
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The Farmville is a game online Facebook whose goal is to create a small farm and care for their crops and animals. To use the program, you must have a Facebook account, you can create one here.

The Farmville is one of the most played games farm and undoubtedly one of the first of the new simulators fever of rural life. Recently, the game has undergone a series of reforms, it is faster and with many new features, leaving behind the idea that such a game is only in the “plantations and crops.”

Without a doubt, the simulator is the best FarmVille farm among the available social networks. And even among independent games of the genre, it occupies a prominent position. Besides the traditional activity of “sowing and reaping”, you can interact with your friends visiting farms to help them or completing a cooperative task.

The game features many different activities, and various decorative objects, which means it does not get repetitive, like most games of the same style. Additionally, you can add various promotional items that are modified from time to time, with different themes, to give a different touch on your farm.

Additionally, sometimes new buildings are added and different interactions provided by them, such as the recent “truffle hunt” being implemented along with the stye or the hive, which provides seeds with chances of more baskets in crops.

Certainly, FarmVille is recommended for those who like little farm simulators and also for those looking for games with a high degree of interaction. Why rely on a very large number of features and possibilities, can not help but have fun and spend time with him.