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GalaxyLife is a flash game for Facebook, which puts you to lead a people in a galaxy at war. The title follows the simple line and also look simple, but with several possibilities of interaction – typical of games for social networking. Then command your people, strengthen and prepare defenses and to attack other people.

In the game, so you can attack planets controlled by the system as those controlled by their Facebook contacts who are also online and playing. That means you can also be attacked at any time, ie, do not hesitate in relation to their defensive system and always expect the worst!

As usually happens in games of this genre, you need to collect raw materials to spend on the creation of soldiers (attack and defense) and improvement of all that is built on your planet. This is the tone in GalaxyLife, and you need to find a balance between attack and defense to survive and thrive within the game.

GalaxyLife those games is a simple but amazing. Lavishing interaction possibilities by Facebook, the game offers good graphics and a very interesting game system, which merges two genres quite successfully in the world of browser games: tower defense and simulator.

The plot is a little hit, but it’s nothing that really disqualify the title. He deserves to be well-referenced even by having several game options such as towers of defense, training centers for troops, visits to other planets and more. Those looking for a casual game to entertain yourself for long periods, anyway dynamics GalaxyLife allows it to be played for a long time, probably will not be disappointed.