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Description:(About Game)
Lost Bubble is a game for Facebook that has dozens of stages spread across five worlds, all filled with hidden bonuses and differentials that make the challenges more interesting.

The basic dynamic of the game is very simple: just use the mouse to control the cannon and point it to the balls you want to overthrow. Then press the left button to shoot peripheral. Remember that it takes at least three balls of the same color so they are destroyed.

Unlike other games of the same style in Lost Bubble when you’re done you do not win the ball, but when you rescue the trapped Pandora boxes between them.

Like most puzzle games for Facebook, Lost Bubbles also has simple graphics, but the visual style cartoon makes the game interesting. There is a kind of script behind the puzzles, but in no time the game makes it clear what he is. However, we can deduce that the game is set in Ancient Greece, as there are references to the story of Pandora’s Box.

The number of stages is high: five worlds with 10 stages each, which guarantees many hours of fun. The system is also interesting lives since entices the player to focus more on your play, otherwise he will have to wait a few hours to play again. Even for the impatient, preferring to pay to play again, the system ends up being fair: three lives cost a little more real.