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Description:(about Game)

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a game for Facebook (requires Flash) which features several heroes of the Avengers for you to control. The main character is an agent of SHIELD that is always involved in dangerous missions. Several chapters make up the game’s story and new heroes are presented in accordance with the villains of the story.

As you defeat enemies, experience allows the release of spaces for you to equip your character with new weapons. The heroes of his team also get stronger, but they receive pre-defined powers, and you can not customize them. During the fighting, one must take into account the type of enemy faced because each has advantages and weaknesses.

he sound effects in the game are constant and the songs were very well composed, being present all the time without letting the player feel any monotony while playing. However, there is a problem in relation to sounds: during battles, it sometimes happens that they just stop or get out of sync. This may annoy some, but the music does not stop when that happens, then there is a big problem.

The gameplay of Marvel: Avengers Alliance consists only of the use of the mouse, which could be different: using keyboard shortcuts, selecting attacks would be much more practical, making fights quicker and making you spend less time choosing blows. Finally, your story is quite elaborate, which is very important – especially since there are few titles that flash games do not even have one.