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Miscrits is an application for Facebook where you control a collector of monsters Miscrits. These creatures are similar to animals and have the most distinct powers and appearances, is completely different from one another.

The commands are simple and everyone focused on the mouse. Where there are tips that can come from both balloons conversations with characters as arrows or windows of their own game.

Early on, you get a Miscrit with powers to battle the fire. You must travel the map – which is great and has more than one city – to find monsters and other wild hunters who fight. These opponents can be programmed by the game or real players are connected online.

The difficulty will depend directly on the level of his creatures. Therefore, the stronger they are, enemies and monsters with an increased training will appear.

Capture, train and evolve!
You have several missions throughout the journey, and they are appearing on the left side of the screen. In almost all you have to capture or evolve their Miscrits to reach new levels and open up other parts of the map.

Evolution may be performed by fighting against other monsters, so that you experience and accumulate coins. Thus, it is possible to train, develop, learn new moves and restore the lives of all his creatures. Moreover, there is the option to spend your coins (you can see the map or completing steps) to strengthen some skills or pass the level before time.