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Description:(About Game)
Some people do not enjoy the games FarmVille or Happy Harvest because they can not play on simulators of planting and the like. If for you, what is lacking in this type of games are monsters, aliens and unconventional products in its plantation: is more than time to start playing Monster World on your Facebook.

In this game, the main goal is to earn points to increase the experience bar and move to new levels. Whenever evolve new functions and products will be made available to increase earnings planting. In the course of the game, missions are given to the player to help neighbors and friends who also have the same application installed.

Planting, planting, planting …
As already stated, the main objective of the game is to plant the various elements available. You start the day with several “seeds” to plant, being necessary to increase the ground after planting a few minutes. Do not worry about learning everything only once, because the very Monster World is responsible for indicating the correct procedures throughout the missions.

Planting sodas takes three minutes to be ready for harvest, earning the player an experience point at the time of harvesting products. Planting jewelry only takes a minute to get ready, but does not yield experience for the player, being profitable only for financial reasons.

When you reach the fifth level, you will be presented with wands, which can be used to speed up the collection process. Clicking on any plant that is growing, the development hours are reduced and a second product is created instantaneously.