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Ninja Saga is a game for Facebook based on the beginning of the Naruto series.

Its goal is to train a character to make him gain enough experience to master more technical ninjas fighting and make it fit to assume leadership of his village.

For this you must carry out missions that the current leader offers, and battle against other players and bosses face along with his friends from the social network.

Who was looking for a game through which he could experience the saga ninja of Hidden Leaf Village in his own skin, but could only find fighting games or action, Ninja Saga now has an option to meet your expectations. With a strong appeal to RPG fans, it is ideal for those who do not want a short path to reach the glory of becoming Hokage.

To gain experience, you need to complete the missions offered by the Hokage according to your level. Go to “Kage Room” and choose one of the possible mission types available at the beginning: “Special Events”, “Daily Mission” and “Mission Grade C”.

The first type shows special missions, which vary depending on the season. The second task displays a level of available only once a day. Since the latter has missions between level 1 and 19, as they are for the class “Genin” ninjas – missions “Grade B” and “Grade A” are available after achieving levels 20 and 40, respectively.

In every mission, you need to fight against different opponents: the only difference between their types is the need or not to click on the map to start a battle. As your level increases, more money is accumulated in savings and new skills are available for training in the “Academy”.