Pioneer Trail Cheat Engine

Pioneer Trail Cheat Engine Hack Tool


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Food Generator
Woods Generator
Energy Generator
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The Pioneer Trail is an application for Facebook in the same style of Farmville, in which you must plant seeds, harvest them, raise animals, build barns and so forth.

However, instead of assuming the role of farmer, the Pioneer Trail you experience a little as he was living at the time of the pioneers in the United States, with direct Western scenarios and everything else.

As the Pioneer Trail is a social game, it follows the style of game that consumes energy for every action done. Therefore, each time you plant, harvest, build, feed the animals or cleaning the ground, one or more loads are reduced from your account. The amount varies with the activity performed.

Plant, buy objects and feed the animals
The Pioneer Trail offers a variety of environments and different types of adventure. The first scenario is to come to their land, in which you must help the character to build a comfortable home for him to live, feed the animals that exist on the ground and make the crops to get the daily profit.