Pool Live Tour Cheat Engine


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Poll Live Tour is a pool game done in Flash for Facebook. In it, you can challenge strangers to play with which you bet chips that serve as currency in the game. They allow the acquisition of different special clubs, which have unique attributes to improve their performance during games.

As your performance when playing, you receive experience and chips equal to the sum of the amount wagered by players. When you level up, no way to change the table and where you play, which increases the amount wagered and experience, for example: in the first table, you need three matches to get to level 2, while it is possible to pass to the third one.

Play Pool Live Tour is nothing complicated, especially in the odd game tables. After all, you always have them with a support of sight, with which you can see where the ball hit will hit the table – which makes the games extremely easy. On the other hand, the even-numbered tables do not have such support, only indicating where the cue ball must hit (by facilitating his life more than it should).

Regardless of your chosen table, you have the option to play against a random person (betting the value of the current table), invite a friend to a game or just practice by yourself – in this case, you spend 50 tokens and can get training for one hour. However, do not expect to be alone at the table, because the system leaves you with a ghost player (which tends to humiliate without mercy if you miss a shot).