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Soul Crash is an action RPG for Facebook in which you assume the role of a warrior victim’s lack of responsibility for their masters. Despite his talent, you failed to properly control the elemental forces that govern nature – as a result, all his powers, as well as the memory of his past, completely disappeared.

To get your resume success story, you need to restart your training and learn again how to control the spiritual forces of the world. To make this task easier, many wise and skillful characters offer lessons from involving the handling of new weapons to classes on how to use their special powers more efficiently.

All Soul Crash battles happen automatically, leaving you to determine the times when a counterattack should be fired. As you inflict or suffer damage, a bar on the left side of the screen fills up – when it reaches a certain point, you can launch a devastating attack capable of ending the life of practically all opponents.

Enlist your friends
To make the fighting easier, you can summon the help of two friends registered on Facebook or hire the services of mercenaries, through the payment of golden coins. All fights without exception, provide some sort of reward, whether in the form of money, equipment with unique features or attribute points that you can distribute in the manner it deems most appropriate.