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Subway Surfers Cheats
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Description:(About Game)
The graphs presented by Subway Surfers are simply amazing. That’s because the trains, the character and all the objects on the screen of the game are very well designed, have well defined contours and a cheerful color, with a light touch that gives rise to different textures.

Every detail of the scenarios seems to be carefully thought out, even the shadow made by each timber that supports the train tracks and the darkest part of indoors that appear on the scene.

All games offer missions that serve as goals of the phases, and each time those goals are completed you earn extra points that serve to improve your character. This feature makes the game very addicting and significantly improves its longevity.

A variety of challenges presented by Subway Surfers is also excellent. That’s because you’re not just jumping from train to train or dodging that are moving on the tracks: the player must also be aware of the signs that arise and places through which will pass when flying over the wagons, after catching a momentum somewhat magical with the skateboard.

Fortunately, Subway Surfers has a great mechanical control, as soon as you touch the screen of the device corresponding movement is made, without delays or misinterpretation of the controls.

Speaking at the controls of the game, if we do not make a comment on the simplicity of the controls Subway Surfers, this opinion would not be entirely fair. Besides the movements planned for the game are few, they are still very intuitive.

That’s because when you start the game for the first time, a quick tutorial is presented as the match is going on, making you learn the controls for the game itself. As actions are performed from obvious movements – like sliding your finger up or down when you want the character to go down, there is no difficulty in using the application.