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Description:(About Game)
Launched in the 80s, the Tetris game has become one of the greatest symbols of the games industry. With a challenge theoretically simple but practically endless possibilities, Tetris crossed generations, won hundreds of versions and, even today, even competing against modern games with graphics almost perfect, yet ensures fun for many hours.

With visual renovated, Tetris is back now and ready to indulge in endless battles users on Facebook pages. The app Tetris Battle is quickly gaining a large number of social network users and promises to become one of the most popular applications of the service.

The operation of Tetris you already know: fit geometric pieces so that you can fill entire rows, in order to eliminate them. But in Tetris Battle your goal is to do it faster than your opponent. And this is where the fun lies.

Before starting the game, you just allow the application to access their data. From the home screen lists all your friends that have enabled the game on their profiles. You can play games against any one of them who is online or play against unknown opponents. You can still play games for up to six people simultaneously.

The keyboard settings are simple. Just use the left and right arrows to move the pieces, down arrow to scroll the play faster, and up arrow keys or the SHIFT and C to rotate. In the first level, a shadow indicates where in the piece will fall and what their disposition before filling.