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Description:(About Game)
Train Station is a Facebook game in which you need to manage a large train station. The game starts in decades past, when steam trains ruled the means of transport, but modern times come as you gain experience.

Besides experience, you need money, and this requires work hard. Dispatch trains and load them with more and more supplies, so you can make your station grow increasingly.

Like other games in the category, the Train Station graphics are good enough for your purpose. You can change the viewing angle of the game and use zoom, plus the ability to play in full screen.

The controls are easy popups and guide the player, helping him to accomplish tasks. However, there is no support among the Portuguese language, which can make everything more complicated. For those who feel comfortable with Spanish, this may be a solution.

The user finds a vertical menu on the main game screen that provides access to options like taking a screenshot, save the game in progress etc. The only problem is the impression that sometimes it gets a little slow.

Background music can leave most users angry or feeling of boredom. She has a tone somewhat tuneless and stopped too, but this can be circumvented, simply disable this option.

Like every game for Facebook, unless you have many neighbors, the game will have great chances of becoming tedious. The interaction between friends is essential to achieving the highest levels and many of the activities require such help.

You gain experience points in matches or training. With a number of experience points you pass level. At the same time, you gain points to improve your skills and become more powerful. But beware: your breath decreases with age, so do not waste time, be a star before retirement!