War Commander Cheat Engine

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Metal Generator
Oil Generator
Power Generator
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Works on ALL internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera…)
OS : Windows & Mac
Undetectable (100% GUARANTEE).


For a simple game, War Commander can very pleasing, very reminiscent games like Starcraft. The game does not try to be extremely complex, which makes life easier for those who just want to spend a few minutes a day on it.

The strongest point of application is, without doubt, in the graphs, both the drawings and animations of the characters, vehicles and buildings is very well done and full of small details, resulting in a beautiful presentation. The interface is not left out, managing to give a futuristic military aspect that perfectly matches the rest of the game.

The gameplay is simple enough, but becomes a little problematic at times. This is because there are times when you just do not know where to click to access a particular menu, because they’ve forgotten which one is the construction that deals with that tool. Still, such a restriction should only appear after you already have all the facilities available, which takes a while.

Doing missions is one of the weaknesses of War Commander, because unfortunately all you need do is move a building to a certain level or attack many enemies. No challenge is simply too easy. At least the focus at this point is small, invade enemy bases is the real fun of the game. And at that point the game really shows a lot of fun, even challenging.

Even though some weaknesses, War Commander is great on what really matters, getting to match (and even surpass) the same genre of games with ease, whether they are to a browser or any other platform. If you miss a game of strategy and think that an atmosphere of nostalgia “would be nice,” this is definitely a good option..