Zombie Lane Cheat Engine

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Description:(About Game)
Caring for farms, cities build cute or have your own restaurant. If none of these options makes your head is surely because you like games with more action and adventure.

Well, here the zombies have taken over the whole neighborhood and guess who was left to the task of putting these people to run? Yes, even you! In Zombie Lane you incarnate a true urban hero who must rid their neighborhood of a bunch of undead throwing up his courage, a shovel and everything else you find along the way!

Playing with style!
The game starts right away on a very important mission: to create the look of your character! The characterization goes through all aspects of the doll, from the hair to the shoes and, within the game, you can make changes, counting even with new items that are released during the match.

A neighborhood in tatters
Once the gambling begins in earnest, hardly can you identify that there existed a street, neighboring houses and happy! Everything is in ruins – including your home!

Speaking of which, one of his first tasks within the game is to “reform” their residence because she needs to be to the nines when his wife arrives, because in addition to killing the zombies, you need to please his wife.

Therefore, it is necessary to scour between a zombie and another, small mounds of rubble and remnants of other houses, these places can you find bricks, screws, tiles, boards and all items necessary for reform.

There is power!
Like most social games, here you also need “energy” to accomplish tasks, either kill a zombie or scour the rubble. You earn these points fulfilling missions, receiving them as a gift for friends or waiting time pass – every five minutes the game gives a credit point. Also, if you want you can buy energy making use of real money.