Zoo World 2 Cheat Engine

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Description:(About Game)
The Zoo World 2 is a manager for Facebook ideal for anyone who dreams of running a zoo. Gambling is fun and visually impressive, with beautifully drawn graphics and animations well executed for each of the species

How about having your own zoo to care? The simulation and management games for Facebook are the quickest and easiest way for users worldwide to approach a little more than their dreams of having his own cafe, restaurant, park and even its own island.

Zoo World 2 is for anyone who loves animals and always wanted to run a zoo, buying animals and building new attractions to its visitors. The game allows you to purchase through the online store, various animals, including some fanciful as the unicorn and Pegasus, and extremely rare animals such as the bald eagle, known to be the symbol of the United States.

The game has great graphics, where all the animals were very well modeled, textured and animated, bringing the essence of the game each species. The store is also a strong point, as it has several species to buy, separated by genre or rarity. The decorative items are also quite varied, making your zoo is always different.

Despite the visually beautiful and well-crafted music that helps you unwind while playing the Zoo World 2 piece in the proportion of animals. Despite its increased size in relation to the actual proportion so you can view its details, the player may end up quite odd, since turtles and monkeys have nearly twice the height of a normal human being, for example.